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Address: 670 N Mendenhall Rd Memphis, TN 38122 Phone: (901) 767-6584

Type: Bars, Brew Pubs
In or Around: Memphis, Downtown Medical Center
Address: 2119 Madison Avenue Memphis, TN 38104 Phone:

Type: Concert Halls and Venues
In or Around: Memphis
Address: Poplar Avenue At Perkins Extended Memphis, TN 38117 Phone: (901) 395-0999

Type: Shopping Centers and Malls
In or Around: Memphis, Whitehaven View Neighborhood Association, Mc Kellar - Whitehaven-Levi PD
Address: 4497 Summer Ave Memphis, TN 38122 Phone: (901) 763-2679

Type: Bars, Bar and Grills
In or Around: Memphis, Orange Mound Civic Orgganization, Depot Planning District
Address: 2 Go Mobile Recording Memphis, TN 38101 Phone: (901) 323-3059

Type: Night Clubs
In or Around: Memphis, Depot Planning District, Orange Mound Civic Orgganization
Address: 2665 Overton Crossing St Memphis, TN 38127 Phone: (901) 358-8820

Type: Bars, Sports Bars
In or Around: Memphis, Alta Vista Neighborhood Association, Frayser - Raleigh PD