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Bristal Clean

Bristal Clean

Interests: Entertainment & Arts
Gender: Female
Location: California , United States

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I enjoy acting, and spending time on the beach. I have two children, one is four, one is three, both boys. In my opinion, boys are too much trouble. When I was a girl, I was never in trouble in school, or at home. I was a perfect little angel... Well, that is until I hit my teenaged years. Haha, but which one of us hasn't gone through that phase in our life? I'd love to meet a hero. I just got out of a rough relationship with a man who didn't treat me as good as I deserve. I had to find out through one of my girlfriends that he was cheating on me, and the day I found out, I took my kids, and left. It hasn't ben easy. I don't like living on my own. I need a strong figure in my life. One that is stable, and romantic.

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