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Amers Blast

Amers Blast

Interests: Entertainment & Arts
Gender: Female
Location: California , United States

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What I Do

WELL- My name is AMY! AND I LOVE SUNGLASSES!!! I’m also very LOUD, outrageously spaztic, and probably one of the most random people you will ever meet in your life =) i'm most definitely NOT like EVERY other girl! i really like sleeping - i have ALOT of energy - i have super adhd! im a very fast-paced person and i talk really fast.. and i talk ALOT- I'm really hyper and spontaneous. I love to laugh, its my favorite. i really like bright colors. I love anything art-related. Art is my freekin LIFE. I'm attending Art school for Graphic Design and will be going into Advertising. I love photography- im always taking pictures of just about anything. [yes, even you] i AM a mermaid [seriously] >>> I’m really outgoing, & probably the biggest DORK you'll ever meet in your life.. i love to party and meet new people.. I just like to kick back and hang out with anyone who's fun. >> I'm very smart. I'm a nice person, sometimes too nice. i have a very long fuse and it takes alot to make me really mad. (but when i 4 the hills) i love my family! and absolutely ADORE my friends, they're all more important to me than life itself and i would do absolutely ANYTHING for them!! i love WATER, and anything that goes on it or in it. MUSIC IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD I'm RRREALLY into cars. [esspecially older/classic muscle cars.] >> My favorite color is GREEN. i've been dancing for almost 16 years. i LOVE Oranges!!. and like every other person on the planet who is considered female and contains XX Chromosomes- i love to go shopping! Some people say i dress kinda funny. well- i do, but i like it. i've always wanted to be a pirate. im in LOVE the beach. i love snowboarding. I'm Religious- and i love it. [But that doesn't mean you can give me crap about it.] I've been through hell and back AT LEAST 5 times, and every time i've come out on top. I'm grateful for ALL of my experiences, whether they're "good" or "bad"- each one of them has made me a stronger, smarter, and more courageous person. >> i love playing guitar and running/dancing around my house in my underwear with loud music. I'm a really good listener & i'll most likely be there for ya 24/7 no matter what! (: >> i love the 80's! I AM SCOTTISH! i hate stupid people... ignorance.. racism... homophobia. If you have a problem with the way people ARE, then please just die because your naive point of view is depleting our O-Zone layer. i CANT STAND fake and confusing people!! so, if you're in that category - shuv it.

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