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AMC Theatres - Framingham Premium

Address: 580 High St Dedham, MA 02026 Rating  Not rated yet.
Phone: (781) 326-0409
Type: Movie Theaters
In or Around: Dedham, Chemistry

There's a special energy that exists in every AMC theatre. It's a mood or a feeling that you might not be able to put your finger on, but you know it's there, like the wind or the sun. It's how we approach guest service and how our innovations lead the industry. It's the exceptional way we do things around here and that's just the way we like it.


• The opening of the first megaplex in 1995 also inspired AMC to install stadium seating and LoveSeat®-style seating, which pleasantly resulted in a snuggling boom.

• AMC has 382 theatres for a total of 5,342 screens. That's nearly double the area of all five boroughs in New York City, or enough fabric for a King Kong-sized hammock.

• AMC was the first theatre chain to add cupholder armrests in 1981 and it was a good thing, too. Less spills in the theatre results in more time watching action on the big screen instead of stains forming on your pants.

• In 2000, AMC co-founded online ticket services with and Fandango to add convenience to even the busiest AMC theatres like Empire 25 in New York City, which welcomes approximately 2 million guests every year. Let us suggest getting your tickets ahead of time.

• AMC was the first to introduce the circuit-wide gift card in 2002.That means you can use it at any AMC. If you live in California, you have 42 AMC theatres to enjoy along with all that sun.

• AMC also branded several concession items such as Frito-Lay® AMC MovieNachos® (an industry first) and the candies Clip Gummi Stars® and Frooti Tootis™ to satisfy your stomach as well as your appetite for entertainment.

• AMC MovieWatcher was launched in 1990 and is the first wide-scale guest loyalty program in the industry. Movie lovers across the country are still rejoicing as they claim their rewards.

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