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All Star Sandwich Bar

Address: 1245 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02139 Rating  Not rated yet.
Phone: (617) 868-3065
Type: Bars, Deli
In or Around: Cambridge, Wellington-Harrington


Meet the Business Owner: Kosta and Johnny D.

"A Good Sandwich Is Like an Old Friend"

This is exactly what we create for our patrons, a/k/a "friends." Our style of cooking, our sandwiches and our service philosophy creates a dining experience that promotes a sense of warmth, comfort and ease...kind of like dining with your family and friends.

We are two brothers, Kosta and Johnny, who share a passion for food and for good company. Our mission is to successfully provide our friends with an All Star experience every time they come to visit. Our style of cooking has evolved from Classical, European, Greek, American, Eclectic, Home-style, Fusion, to fast food, pizza and subs. But it doesn't end there - our passion for food is so great that we are on a non-stop cooking and creating quest.

If you are ready for an All-Star experience, where comfort food, friendly faces and a laid-back atmosphere allows you to escape reality, even for an hour, come sit with a few old friends.

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